Friday, January 17, 2014

Flavor profile

Just doing a little chocolatiering on my 45th B-Day.  Goddess bars to be more specific, and there is a lot going on in there. Which starts with a 22% Maca ratio, and I am now using a new brand of even more pure, more raw, more potent MACA.  This bar has Zing!  The cayenne, and cinnamon usually add the most zing in this bar, however today I am finding the Zing is coming more from the potency of the Maca. WoWZa!  I LOVE IT!  This new batch is available on-line now, and will be on the shelves in the coming weeks.


Have a Great time energizing your day, and taste buds with this one!
Love & Gratitude!  ZOrba

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Raw Chocolate Confections

My parents recently and temporarily relocated to Ashland, Oregon, a small town just north of the California border. Ashland is home to Southern Oregon University, Mt. Ashland, the world-famous Oregon Shakespeare Festival, lots of galleries, some great restaurants, a few notable nudists, and enough Tibetan prayer flags to swaddle Mt. Everest. It's an artsy, foodsy, outdoorsy, high-brow hippy haven, the kind of place you could call "granola"--if by "granola" you mean hand-harvested heirloom grains frosted with honeysuckle nectar and trampled flat by yearling llamas under the light of a new moon.

In short, it's a place I enjoy visiting, not least for the unusual experience of feeling comparatively conservative.